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smiles dentistry

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+note most cleaniings are 45-60 min

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Take home whitening

Stockyards Smiles Dentistry: Providing Experienced and Quality Dental Care (our dentist has over 30 years of experience)

Looking for a new denttist? We're accepting new patients at Stockyards Smiles Dentistry – conveniently located right in front of Nations Experience. Our top priority is your health and safety, which is why we've installed negative air pressure in each of our surgical suites, similar to hospital operating rooms. Our team goes above and beyond to exceed all infection protection and control procedures.

As part of the Stockyards Medical community, we provide comprehensive dental services, including emergency and urgent care. We'd love to see you soon! Simply give us a call, text, or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment, and we'll get back to you promptly.

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smiles dentistry

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Smile more with a healthy smile

About Stockyards Smiles Dentistry

We are outgoing, passionate, and caring dental team who believe that healthy teeth and a beautiful smile can make the world a better place.

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SMILE! You are in GREAT hands.

Welcome to our office!

We work hard and get great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal oral health. Our practice is devoted in helping you have healthy gums and teeth. We practice aesthetic, restorative and preventive patient care. Our patients are our most important asset and we strive to build long-lasting relationships.

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Incubating change

What sets us work apart from other demtal office? We believe in your power to want a better dental experience. We start working with you as soon as you enter our office by showing you what we are seeing. This gives you the power to make better, healthier decisions. Let us show you.

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Kindness, always

A dental office can be a fearful place. At Stockyards Smiles, we welcome you with a smile! We strive to ensure a relaxing place where your voice is always heard. Let’s talk about it.

Our Services

The Importance of Choosing the Right Dental home

A familiar place and friendly faces to support your health

Choosing the right dental home can have a significant impact on your well-being and dental health. Having the right dental team and seeing a famiiar face can reduce stress and help you maintain your heallthy smile for a lifetime. Our team works hard to help create a warm, and relaxing atmospher. and help create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, it is important to choose dental professionals who are skilled and experienced.

General Dentistry

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Dental Cleanings


Dental Care


lypically, after most tooth extractions our patients want to see the extracted tooth as they can’t believe the tooth is out as they did not feel the traditional discomfort of tooth removal. We usually have to prove to you that the tooth is out. Our dental team uses elevators and luxators.

Let your hygienist get

into those hard-to-reach areas. Your gums and teeth will feel great afterwards.

Let our team detect any developing issues faster from oral cancer screenings to preventing cavities and gum disease

Resin Fillings

Today’s Dentistry focuses on composite fillings. We use the latest technology and expertise to ensure high quality fillings from using isolation, functionallly anatomic fillings to ensuring your bite is right.

Prosthetic Dental Partial Dentures


Partial Denture

Drop Dead Beautiful Dentures. Let us tell you all about it. Beauftiful teeth, Look like yourself again. Dentures that don’t look like dentures! Enough said.

Broken Teeth, large fillings?

Periodontal Therapy

Stop the progression of gum disease

  • Bleeding gums
  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Tender gums and teeth
  • Gum Infection and swelling
  • Loose teeth

Gum disease or periodontal disease is the inflamation around your teeth. Bacteria cause gum disease and when left untreated, tartar deposits form. Left untreated, gum disease can cause:

  • increased risk of tooth loss
  • increase your risk of stroke, heart dease
  • impact your pregnancy

If you have diabetes, or smoke have an increased risk of getting periodontitus.

Young Woman Showing Healthy Gums, Closeup View
Huge gap between the front teeth or incisors. Diastema.


Gum recession


Deep periodontal

cleanings / Scaling &

root planing

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Dental Laser and Special Tip for Surgical Procedures



Breath Right

A tongue tie release will allow you to swallow correctly, improve tightness of your neck and can help to breathe correctly and reduce snoring.

Tongue thrust is a cause of haviing a tongue tie. In infants a tongue tie release is a must for proper feeding if this is detected.



Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are used to show you what we see from the time your first come to the office, to your cleaning and filling appointments. Seeing is believing!

Digital Radiographs

Say cheese! With digital radiography, stunning digital images of your teeth, and gums show up in a blink, all right there on the computer screen!

Digital Backup of your information on the cloud

Your radiographic images are securly stored on the cloud.

our New


AI (Artificial Intellegence)

We have supercharged our chairside detection of decay, infecion, periodontal disease with instant chairside detection with real-time AI detection.

Dental Laser and Special Tip for Surgical Procedures


Laser therapy speeds up healing, helping you recover faster and with less pain.

We provide periodontal laser therapy for gum disease. We also use our lasers for frenctomies, after extractions, tongue tie releases etc



Exceptional Care in a warm, relaxing atmosphere

Three Gold Crowns for Traditional Three King's Day of January 6,

Exceptional Care in a warm, relaxing atmosphere


  • Negative Air Pressure in all the treatment rooms
  • Exceed or meet infection control safety protocols

Spa Stuff

you are

  • Warm Towel after every appointment
  • Heating pad
  • Comfort Pillow

V. I. P.

We would love for you to pick:

  • Your Netflix Show
  • Pick your own music
  • Orange, lavender lip balm
  • Flavour of topical
  • Flavor of prophy paste for polishing
  • Flavor of Fluorides


Three Gold Crowns for Traditional Three King's Day of January 6,

to us







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First, the usual blah

froms, forms and more forms. (Medical, & Dental History)


Say cheese! Radiographs are an important diagnostic tool that helps us to detect cavities, periodontal disease, cancers, pathologies, tooth loss, etc


Smile! We take a comprehensive set of photos of your teeth. We also take intraoral close ups of your teeth. Seeing is believeing and more importantly the photos help to monitor your gums and teeth over time

Oral Exam

Scaling and Root Planing

Your filling


We take photos before we start.

We want you to see what we see.





We take photos after we are done

We want you to be passionate about your teeth as we are. We are so happy to show you our work. After every appointment, our dental team will go over your treatment.

functional fillings


Do you suffer from headaches?

We have a simple solution.

A properly fitting hard niteguard is a drug free alternative to headaches. We use an FDA cleared device for the prevention of migrane and tension type headaches. It has shown to reduce clenching forces by about 70%. In one study, 82% of migrane sufferers experienced a 77% reduction in migranes. Let us help you.

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How white can

you go?

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Laser Whitening

Get Super white Teeth

Discover how your white your teeth can go with our laser whitening?


(Teeth are already quite white.)


(Great result)

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Ultra Thick Sleek Arrow
Ultra Thick Sleek Arrow

Inoffice Whitening with laser

Home whitening trays and material

sealing of teeth

smiles dentistry

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Let's collaborate!


1980 St. Clair Ave. W

Toronto, ON

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Stockyards Smiles is an inclusive workplace.

We welcome people of all colors, genders, and beliefs.